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The Turkish government has succeeded in effectively shutting down payment processors like Neteller from operating in their country...

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Turkey Online Casinos: Welcome players from Turkey, here you will be able to find Turkish online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in Turkish language and with Turkish lira currency. Also you can expect the support team to answer in Turkish. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a thrilling and pleasant gaming experience. When you think of countries that have an affinity for online casino gambling, the first that usually come to mind are the United States, Australia, and Great Britain, but gambling is big business all over..

One country where gambling, especially the online variety, has really taken hold is in Turkey. It may come as a surprise to most that the Turks would be involved in any form of gaming since they are primarily Muslim, which usually frowns on such activities. Turkey is the exception to the rule though, but the laws surrounding gambling there are in a constant state of flux, with online casino gambling the one that is usually in the crosshairs of the government.

Despite the fact that online gambling remains illegal in Turkey, even when other forms are considered legal, the number of Turkish residents playing online is steadily in the rise. The strictest effort by the Turkish government to stamp out online gambling came back in 2006 when a law was passed that made it illegal for casinos to target citizens of the country in their marketing campaigns. The law itself was virtually impossible to uphold, especially since a large number of online gaming sites operate in obscure little countries that are seemingly above the law when it comes to gambling

Many of the big time casino operators have also found a way around the online filters that would stop their marketing campaigns reaching Turkish computer screens. The result is that some of those sites now concede that as much as 25% of all money deposited and played in their establishment has its roots in Turkey.

The government is not going down without a fight though, and they displayed that back in 2008 with a pair of high profile arrests that ended up having some of the bigger name casinos backing off their Turkish marketing.

A pair of employees of a large UK-based bookmaker was enjoying a nice summer vacation in Turkey when they were suddenly put under arrest by authorities. The Turkish government knew that they would be unable to enforce their strict laws outside their country, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t so when the employees came to them.

The two men were arrested and charged under the anti-gambling laws that were one the books, and while they were eventually cut loose, the scare was enough to make their company back off the habit of pursuing Turkish gamblers.
Both sides will be quick to claim victory in the war on online gambling, and they both have some evidence of success.

The Turkish government has been able to effectively shut down payment processors like Neteller from operating in their country, as well as stopping financial institutions from processing deposits and withdrawals from betting accounts. Despite those successes, the number of Turkish gamblers continues to rise on a daily basis, which means that the casinos must still be finding a way to target new players.

As long as the laws concerning gambling in Turkey continue to change, you can probably expect to see the same from both sides in the future.

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