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In Thailand online gambeling is a forbidden domain, despite that the government doesn't bother on preventing foreign gambling websites online...

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Thailand Online Casinos: Welcome players from Thailand, here you will be able to find Thai online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in Thai language and with Baht currency. Also you can expect the support team to answer in Thai. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a reputable and entertaining casino gambling experience..

Thailand Online Gambling Market: Thailand has very stringent gambling rules. All forms of gambling are illegal except for wagers placed on horse racing and its limited version of national lottery. The forms of gambling not legal in Thailand are casinos, poker, bingo and sports betting. Despite the ban by the Government there is a massive underground gambling market in Thailand. There is an estimate that has suggested that in spite of gambling being illegal there are about 70% of the population that gambles in the nation regularly.

The only form of legal betting in the nation is the national lottery that began in 2003. This lottery was introduced primarily to counter the illegal underground lottery system thriving in the nation. The Government believed that the best way to combat and drive out this underground lottery system would be to establish a sanctioned lottery system that would be an official one. This lottery system may be a legal one however it is not immune from illegal activities. In 2006, the Prime Minister and other government officials faced accusations of accumulating illegally over $1 billion from the nation’s revenue of state lottery.

When it comes to the question of online gambling in Thailand it is a forbidden domain. The Government of the nation does not issue licenses for the permission of online gambling websites to be hosted in the nation. Since land-based gambling forms are prohibited the Government has never even given a thought to online gambling in the nation ever

Despite the ban on internet gambling the Government of the nation does not make many efforts when it comes to the use of foreign gambling websites online. Since these websites are hosted in different nations where the Government has no jurisdiction it cannot prevent players from playing on them. There are several online gambling websites that accept players from Thailand however many of them do not have the Thai language option. There are about 217 online Thai websites that provide games in English or Thai and accept wagers in US Dollars and Thai Bhat.

When it comes to the poker play in the nation it is very difficult to find games to join here. In fact, there are no poker games available in Bangkok that is the largest city of the nation. Poker here is illegal and this is why it is forbidden. The nation has no casinos and you are able to find no Thai poker rooms at all too. Players, if they wish to play poker, can only use the illegal underground casinos in the country. This is a big risk as players tend to lose huge sums of money at these places.

There are some Thai players of poker who even cross the border and enter Cambodia. Here the nearest place to play poker is in Poipet where there are eight large casinos all providing poker games to players from Thailand. From the above it is understood that online poker in the nation is also hard to find however there are some that do exist illegally with the police shutting them down quickly once they are discovered.

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