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More countries in the world today including Switzerland have been looking at their gaming laws as a way of legalizing online gambling without the issues...

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Switzerland Online Casinos: Welcome players from Switzerland, here you will be able to find Swiss online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in Swiss language and with Swiss franc currency. Also you can expect the support team to answer in German. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a fun and amusing casino gaming experience.

Legalizing Switzerland Online Gambling: Switzerland decided to reconsider its existing policy due to the tough commercial competition from foreign online companies and the loss of income in taxes and not because of the outside pressure from the World Trade Organization and the European commission. Switzerland has been focusing its attention mainly on regulating online casino segment instead of online betting and poker like most countries. It is interesting to take note than online lotteries as well as sports book have already been legalized in Switzerland.

The government of Switzerland has just announced they will reform the online casino industry in their country. They will open the online casino world to the many poker and casino gaming companies. To achieve this, they will have to issue new licenses to companies who are looking to operate in the Swiss market. The idea would be to block out online casino and poker sites that are not paying for a license. This way, both local and foreign companies can work within the law and those companies who are not will have their operations stopped.

There are some existing rules for the gaming industry of Switzerland but this did not seem to work too well. There were reviews of the Federal Casino Commissions policies and the old law is not restricting foreign companies from receiving licenses in the country and it did not stop them from allowing the Swiss players. The security measures were slightly lax in online casinos that want to break the current law.

The ministry tries allowing access to licenses for foreign countries to get under control the breaking of the laws. The other part of the story is the European Union. Any countries apart of the EU should by law allow foreign online casino companies to get licenses. They should also give licenses to be issues to private operators. This means that companies need not to be public.

The ministry stated that the new laws would restrict any illegal gaming chance and have better technical measures about these games. Currently, the reform is being looked over to make sure it is ready to be made public. Until such time it is completed and approved, the ministry will keep a tight lid on certain aspects of changes.

Other options that would exist are that the future licenses should have servers installed in the country. This implies that the government will gain more control over the company by gaining access to the server that it is on. Also, there are steps to make sure the government liberalizes online gaming and this means a free market option that has full state control. The last step which has been discussed is who is going to be in control of the licenses.

There can be many issues be regional or federal authorities depending on what will pass in the ministry. More countries in the world today including Switzerland and other countries in Europe have been looking at their gaming laws and regulations as a way of legalizing online gambling without issues.

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