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There are no online casinos South Korea and the government never made an indication that they will provide licenses to South Korean casinos for online functions...

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South Korea Online Casinos: Welcome players from South Korea, here you will be able to find South Korean online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in South Korean language and with South Korean won currency. Also you can expect the support team to answer in Korean. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a fun and entertaining casino gambling experience.

Till March 2011 the citizens of South Korea were not allowed to gamble in casinos both in the nation as well as when going to locations outside the nation. The citizens of the country were lowed to gamble in one casino located in Kangwon Land in the Gangwon Provibe of South Korea. Only foreigners were allowed to gamble inside the nineteen casinos located in Jaeju Island, Seoul and Incheon.

People in South Korea are not allowed to gamble at any foreign casino located out of the nation and they are severely punished under the Habitual Foreign Gambler law with a minimum three year prison term and a fine that can go up to $25,000.

The citizens of South Korea are allowed to gamble between friends and family for very small sums. The amount specified is 10 cents. There are two lotteries in the nation and they are toto and lotto. Both of them are based on sports betting. The citizens of the nation are only allowed to bet on horse, motorboat races and cycling. Tourists and foreigners are able to play slot machines that must be located in casinos that are licensed. Betting on the games of skills are the same to betting games of luck and this is not permitted for the citizens except for foreigners in the same licensed casinos.

When it comes to online gaming in the nation, South Korea has no laws that address online gambling. This means no one can legitimately run internet casinos in the nation. There are some illegal casinos that are operated by criminal groups existing in the nation and when they are discovered the locations are raided and subsequently closed down. Once this is done it is of no use as the same casinos open up as quickly as shut down.

There are many citizens from the nation that gamble at both local and foreign internet casinos. The Government of the nation is very careful about the money flowing from outside of the nation however there has been no law implemented to block these online casinos or steps to forbid banks from processing financial transactions with these foreign casinos on the internet.

The Government of the nation at times creates pressure on these foreign casinos on the internet to disable the Korean language option. In the year 2009 the Government of South Korea was successful in forcing one such foreign casino from providing a language option in the nation when it pressurized the partner of casino website who was Korean. This took place in the early part of 2011. This pressure was created on the websites and not on the citizens of South Korea.

There are no online casinos in the nation and the government has never made an indication that they will provide licenses to South Korean casinos that would permit them to function online. This meant that the only option left for the players in the nation who wish to gamble on online casinos to go to foreign websites on the internet.

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