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There are few online gambling websites providing services to players in the Slovenian language however some large international casinos provide services to players...

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Slovenia Online Casinos: Welcome players from Slovenia, here you will be able to find Slovenian online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in Slovenian language and with Euro currency. Also you can expect the support team to answer in Slovene. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a rewarding and realistic casino gaming experience.

Slovenia Online Gambling Market

Before 1989 gambling and betting were not permitted at all in Slovenia. Gambling in all forms was illegal in the nation during the Soviet era. In the 1990’s the nation witnessed a change and saw the emergence of casinos and gambling halls in prime cities. Till 1995 there were no laws governing gambling in the nation. In the same year The Gambling Act was passed to regulate and monitor the above in Slovenia.

Slovenia today allows its citizens to enjoy casino gambling, a national lottery, sports wagering and other common forms of gambling in the nation. The gambling market in the nation is targeted at foreigners who visit the country. Most of the famous casinos of the nation are located near the Italian border and there are hundreds of individuals who cross the border every year to place bets in the nation.

When it comes to online gambling in the nation the story is completely different. There are no gambling websites currently hosted in Slovenia. Local companies cannot provide online casino and other gambling games as the government of the country does not grant licenses to them.

The Government of the nation is completely against the idea of its citizens gambling at foreign websites online. In 2006 orders were sent by the Government of the nation to big ISP’s instructing them to block major and reputed gambling websites online. Most of the ISP’s did not pay heed to these orders and the ban imposed never took off.

In the present times gambling in the nation is a gray area. It is neither legal nor illegal. This means players in the nation can enjoy offshore gambling games online without issues.

There are only a few online gambling websites providing services to players in the Slovenian language however there are some large international casinos besides sportsbooks that provide their services to players from the nation allowing them to gamble freely in English online. Currently there are 233 websites in Slovenia that provide games in English and also accept wagers in Euros and US Dollars. Today there are about 20 casinos in the nation and they are centered near the Italian border. Tourists come here to play on a regular basis and the market is flourishing here.

The game of poker is available in all of the casinos in the nation however it does not have an extensive exposure as the game is hardly popular here. There may be the lack of poker rooms and small casino halls however the nation has been host to some major poker tournaments in the past years. The biggest till date is the Slovenian PokerNews Challenge that took place at Casino Korona. This casino is located in the southern mountainous region of Kranjska Gora –a town in the nation. The Slovenian PokerNews Challenge started with online qualifiers at prime international poker websites PokerStars.

This website like some of the other major online poker websites provides services that are aimed at players from the nation. This is good as there are no poker rooms online that are actually hosted in the nation.

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