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Saudi Arabia Online Casinos: Welcome players from Saudi Arabia, here you will be able to find Saudi Arabian online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in Saudi Arabian language and with Saudi riyal currency. Also you can expect the support team to answer in Arabic. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a safe and fun casino gaming experience.

Gambling in all forms is illegal in Saudi Arabia. The official language of the nation is Islam and under Islamic laws both gambling and betting is prohibited strictly. This is the reason why you are not able to find poker rooms, bingo halls, sports betting centers in the nation.

The laws are stringent and the citizens of the nation also support them. You are able to find a small amount of underground gambling in the nation that is illegal. Players are discouraged to place their wagers at these places as there is no legal player protection available that provides for unpaid winnings or any kind of lost deposits. The nation also does not know about poker and blackjack as the lack of gambling in the nation makes it hard for them to relate to these games.

It is evident that online gambling in Saudi Arabia is also banned. There are efforts from the Saudi Arabian Government that is making attempts to stop online gambling in many ways. First it does not provide licenses to those companies that allow them to operate gambling websites online in the nation.

Second it makes earnest attempts to stop players from getting access to foreign websites for playing. The nation aggressively filters the internet. However the filtering is not flawless and players in the nation do get the chance to access several internet websites. The nation cannot punish the players or the websites. Since they are hosted by foreign nations Saudi Arabia has no jurisdiction over them.

There are about 228 Saudi websites that provide games in both Arabic and English and they accept wagers in US dollars.

The game of poker is also not popular in the nation and there are a few people in the nation who actually know how to play the game. Playing poker is illegal and even if it is played just for fun only. This is an Islamic rule that states that are forms of gambling are forbidden and illegal. The nation does not have any poker halls or casinos where these games can be held.

This is why you will never find an international poker tour that passes through Saudi Arabia. This is not likely to change in the future. Saudis adhere to this rule and they uphold it religiously.

Those people who wish to play online poker in the nation can only do it online. Playing online poker in the nation is difficult as there are hardly, in fact, no poker websites in the nation. There are many foreign gambling websites that provide you with poker games. Like casinos there are filters that have been imposed on these websites. However they are not perfect.

Players do get the chance to play poker on these websites as and when they wish to. There are some websites where they can sign up and also enjoy real life games and tournaments in real life. The best and the sole way to play poker in the nation is through these internet websites that successfully manage to slip through these filters.

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