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There is no defined status on online gambling in the Russia,but the only places to gambel online are foreign websites that give services in russian...

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Russia Online Casinos: Welcome players from Russia, here you will be able to find Russian online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in Russian language and with Ruble currency. Also you can expect the support team to answer in Russian. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a reputable and pleasant gaming experience. Gambling in Russia has a long history and it can be traced back to hundreds of years back. Its history has not been a very smooth one as it has faced a number of ups and downs in the region. In 1698 the first lottery of the nation was organized by Tsar Peter The Great.

Gambling has been illegal for most of the last century. People were not even allowed to play a friendly game of cards. This however changed in the late 1980’s and after many years there were no checks or regulations on gambling. This was advantageous to the nation as it grew on to become a huge profitable industry.

In October 2006 things changed when the President Vladimir Putin issued a bill where many large-scale casinos as well as small gambling halls were removed from Moscow and other cities. Gambling was being relocated and not outlawed contrary to the popular belief. All gambling in Russia was restricted to four defined locations. Two were in European Russia, one in the Far East and one in Siberia. The operators in Russia were not too happy with these changes however the public accepted it well. This law and change did not affect bookmakers who were still permitted to operate if they had a license in any part of the region.There is no defined status of online gambling in the nation as it is somewhere stuck in the middle. It is not legal or illegal.

The Government does not provide licenses to Russian organizations to run internet websites on the internet. The only places where Russians can gamble on the internet are at those gambling websites hosted by foreign companies. Fortunately there are several offshore gambling websites providing services in Russian. They include both online casinos and sportsbooks that have Russian websites. At present these websites are the sole places where Russians are able to gamble online. There is anticipation that if Russia ever makes online gambling legal, the local internet gaming websites too are sure to grow.

As of now there are 225 websites in Russia providing games in Russian and English. They accept wagers in Russian Roubles or Euros or US Dollars. Most of the offshore websites are in English with just a few catering to the needs of Russian players. These websites provide a Russian translation of their website to make it easy for the players to play the game. It is for them that the popularity of these online casino games are likely to grow in the next few years as many of the local players are getting attracted to them.

There are 137 Russian casinos online providing games in English and Russian and they accept wagers in Euros and Russian Roubles or Dollars (US). Poker in the nation was not considered to be gambling as it is an official sports competition and exempt from the laws imposed in 2006. Later the above decision was reversed with licenses being nullified. Today it is considered gambling and limited to the nation’s four gambling zones.

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