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Romania Online Casinos: Welcome players from Romania, here you will be able to find Romanian online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in Romanian language and with Romanian leu currency. Also you can expect the support team to answer in Romanian. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a fun and thrilling casino gambling experience.

Gambling is legal in Romania and it is found widely in many forms. The legal history of gambling in the nation dates back to 1906 when the national lottery was created. The name of this lottery was the Loteria Romana. Gambling was declared illegal at a time during the Soviet occupation of the nation however it regained its legal status in the year 1990. In 1991 the first casino was launched in the nation and things kick-started from there.

In the present times you are able to find many big scale casinos in the nation and there are above 20,000 gaming machines in coffee shops, arcade halls and in other major locations. Sports-gambling is also legal and there are several high-street betting shops that are found in most of the major cities of Romania. This gambling culture in the nation has developed and matured fast and even though the regulation is very new, the industry is quite powerful and strong.

When it comes to the question of online gambling in the nation there are no talks of it at all in the Government today. The nation has a host of rules and regulations for gambling however there are no rules for gambling on the internet at all. The Government does not issue licenses to casinos online and it does not do anything to stop Romanians for playing at foreign casinos as well.

In 2003 Danube Casino partnered with Windows Casino went online. This website operated for many years however it was not successful to catch on with the players in the nation. It ultimately had to choice but to close down in 2007. The reasons for its closure are not yet known. Some say it was closed due to difficulties to remain afloat and some state that government pressure induced it to close down. In the present times you will find no Romanian gambling websites but a large number of bigger offshore websites ranging from casinos to sportsbooks that provide Romanian versions of their sites in order to cater to the needs and demands of the players.

There are about 234 Romanian websites that provide games in English and Romanian and they accept wagers in Romanian Leu, Euros or US Dollars.
Casinos in Romania are small as they require a license for each table and machine they work on. These licenses are also very expensive and this is why the number of casinos is few. The biggest casino functioning in the nation is the Casino Palace in Bucharest. This casino is open the whole day and provides 26 tables with 76 gaming machines.

Most of the machines in the nation including video poker games and slot machines are found outside of these casinos. There are over 900 companies that provide a fabulous collection of 23,000 gambling games that are licensed all over Romania. When it comes to online casinos in the nation it is neither legal nor illegal. There is in fact no mention of it in the laws of Romania.

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