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This Malaysian Government does not provide licenses to open gambling websites on the internet...

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Malaysia Online Casinos: Welcome players from Malaysia, here you will be able to find Malaysian online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in Malaysian language and with Ringgit currency. Also you can expect the support team to answer in Malaysian. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a realistic and exciting casino gaming experience.

Gambling in Malaysia is popular in the nation and most forms are played by people here. However local Muslims do not gamble for religious reasons. You are able to find casino gambling, lottery, slot machines and horse racing here. Sports betting in all forms are banned. Besides casinos in Malaysia you are able to find gambling arcades with machine games like electronic horse racing however in 2000 these gambling halls were banned as the Government felt that this was detrimental to the youth of the nation.

There are very few options for casino gambling in the country. There is only one legal casino in Malaysia. It is large and has complete facilities for players. So if gambling lovers of the nation wish to play both table and card games they need to go to this legal casino only. The above has led to a problems among gambling dens that are underground and sports betting shop that the Malaysian Government is willing to solve.

When it comes to the issue of online gambling it is prohibited. This Government does not provide licenses to open gambling websites on the internet. There are also some measures that are taken to ensure Malaysian players do not use internet websites online. The café owners can be prosecuted if they permit customers to access these gambling websites on the internet however customers have never ever been punished.

Malaysian banks in the above regard are not permitted to authorize transfers to or from these online gambling websites. This rule however is very loosely followed and there are still a large number of banking methods available for processing payments. This helps players who wish to gamble online. In the above context there are some big gambling websites on the internet hosted in other nations that provide their services in Malay. This helps players make the best of their gambling experience online. There are presently about 172 Malaysian websites providing games in English and accepting wagers in US Dollars and Malaysian Ringgit.

Despite the fact that the popularity of poker is growing day by day there are not many places to play the game in it. There is only one casino in the nation and though it is large it is not big enough for the people from all over the nation to play in. There are some people who do play poker secretly and behind closed doors.

However the exact figures are records are not available. There are tournaments that are held and played regularly in the nation’s sole casino. A notable one is The Casino de Genting that generally provides small weekly events for a few times in a year. There is Texas Hold ‘Em or Three Card Draw events held regularly. The First Prize for the biggest Malaysian Poker Tournament held every year at the Genting is 500,000 Malaysian Ringgits or about 11,000 Euros. There are other tournaments that take place in Malaysia however they are illegal. There are some events like Poker Malaysia Championship who do not even advertise the venue where the tournament will be held to keep them from being shut down.

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