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There are over 200 Luxembourgian websites providing games in French, German and English. They accept wagers in US Dollars and Euros...

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Luxembourg Online Casinos: Welcome players from Luxembourg, here you will be able to find Luxembourgers online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in Luxembourgers language and with Euro currency. Also you can expect the support team to answer in Lithuanian. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a entertaining and exciting casino gaming experience.

The gambling laws in Luxembourg are very strict and there are several forms of gambling that are not permitted. This ban dates back to 1903 when gambling was forbidden. From those times to the mid 70’s the state lottery was the only legal form of gambling permitted in the region. Then in 1977 emerged the legalized state casinos and since then there has only been one license granted. The only casino in Luxembourg can be found in Mondorf-les-Bains and here casino style gambling is strictly forbidden outside its premises.

National lottery is the only prominent player in Luxembourg. It is known as the Loterie Nationale. This lottery has been in operation since 1945 and the profits of it go to help various state and social institutions like health, culture and sports organizations. Till date the Loterie Nationale has donated above 200 million euros to causes for local charities.

When it comes to the state of online gambling in the state there are no present gambling laws. There is a general presumption in the minds of the citizens here that the general ban on gambling also extends online. However there are no laws forbidding gambling and players still take part in it. As mentioned above, the only gambling official of the Loterie Nationale that is a website that provides a number of instant winning games on the internet.

Beyond this website there are no other online gambling websites in the state and players who wish to enjoy casino games or internet poker must use internet gambling websites hosted by foreign companies. There are many of them on the internet and most of them accept players from Luxembourg. These websites cannot be shut down as they are not bound by laws in Luxembourg as they are hosted in other nations. There are about 254 Luxembourgian websites that provide games in French, German and English. They accept wagers in US Dollars and Euros.

Poker in Luxembourg has not received the same status like other parts of the world. One of the prime reasons is that the casino style of gambling here is not allowed. Despite the ban there is a small growing poker group in the region. There is a hall operated by the Luxembourg Poker Association considered to be one of the best poker venues in the state. There are small stake tournaments and other poker related events that are organized here. Most of the events are sponsored by poker websites on the internet.

When it comes to online poker you will find that it is the best solution for many players who wish to play poker here. The game can be played from the comforts and the privacy of home. There is no official poker websites hosted here. The players here are permitted to use poker rooms on the internet. There are many websites that permit players to sign up and play the game with real money. Since these websites are international players from all over the world generally play here.

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