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After WW II the National Lottery's revenues helped in rebuilding the nation...

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Japan Online Casinos: Welcome players from Japan, here you will be able to find Japanese online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in Japanese language and with Yen currency. Also you can expect the support team to answer in Japanese. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a entertaining and exciting casino gaming experience.

The gambling laws in Japan are very strict and there are only a few forms of gambling permitted that are legal. Since 1907 the only permitted forms of gambling were on horse, motorboat, bicycle and motorcycle. There are some games namely mahjong, pachinko and lottery that is legal to bet on however these games are more of an amusement than a form of betting in the nation. All other forms of gambling covering online poker and casino games are illegal in the nation. Gambling lovers frequently travel to Macau to gamble there.

The lottery system of the nation is a very old one and dates back to 1630. It was banned for a while in the year 1842. After the end of World War II it was reinstated again as the National Lottery. It was established that the revenues generated from the lottery will help in rebuilding efforts. The lottery was intact even after the Government decided to rebuild the cities.

When it comes to online gambling in Japan it is illegal as the Government of the nation does not grant licenses to run online gambling websites in the nation. This would keep the Japanese players from accessing and using the foreign internet gambling websites too. Like most locations across the globe players gamble online on websites that are hosted by foreign companies. This makes it hard for the government to know what is going on and this is why they cannot control it. Since they do not jurisdiction in the places where these websites are located Japanese citizens can use these websites freely. Players should play on their home computers rather than play at public venues like local internet cafes. There are about 233 websites in Japan that provide players games in English and Japanese and accept wagers both in yen and dollars.

There are no legal casinos in the nation today as after 1907 casino and other popular forms of gambling are illegal throughout the nation. Casino gambling was legal for some time in 1603-1868 in the Edo Period however it was banned eventually when several people got addicted to gambling. There are some illegal casinos known as game kingdoms in the nation and they are operated and run by the Yakuza. Players require being members of these clubs. In the present times the Government of the nation is considering the legalization of casinos in the country.

There are no online casinos in the country. Online gaming in Japan is not permitted and there are not many measures taken to stop players from accessing these foreign casinos. These online casinos are hosted in nations where the Government of Japan has no jurisdiction. This is why they cannot prevent players from using these websites. The sole legal type of game machines in the nation is Pachinko. It is very popular and there are over a million machines across the globe. This game is a cross between a pinball game and a slot machine. Players get prizes rather than money. However if the player wishes these prizes can be exchanged for money.

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