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In India, the Public Gambling Act makes gambling in casinos illegal however it has specifically emphasized that it is not concerning skill wagering...

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India Online Casinos and Online Gambling In India - When it comes to the question of online gambling in India there are two common questions asked in the minds of most players. The first is it safe and the second is will these online gambling sites accept players from India? Below you will find the answer to that, just keep reading.

The answers to both the above questions are “yes”. For gambling in India you do not have to visit the Indian states of Goa and Sikkim where gambling has been legalized. You can play many games from online gambling sites available on the internet with the fears of violating the law and being arrested.

Online gambling in India is still today considered to be a grey area in the nation. Till date many bookies have been arrested however gamblers have not. When it comes to gambling or sports betting you will find that there are not many laws to cover this area. According to gaming statistics you will find that there are about 40% of the Indian population who have access to a computer and the internet. This segment regularly visits online gambling sites and earn lots of money in the process.

In India, the Public Gambling Act makes gambling in casinos illegal however it has specifically emphasized that the above is not applicable to skill wagering. The Supreme Court of the nation has stated that betting on horse races is a skill and any sports betting indulges the use of similar skills. This means and leaves sports wagering to be a gray area.

The conclusion is that if sports betting are regarded to be illegal under regulations of the Central Government, the Constitution of India has provided power to the states in the nation to make their own laws and legal policies regarding gambling. In India, one state, Sikkim has already legalized certain sports that people can bet on and it is now issuing gambling licenses too.

Before you go in for online gambling in India it is prudent for you to check up with Indian laws. In case you have doubts and confusion you can always take the help of a law attorney who will help you on your knowledge of Indian online gambling laws.

This will give you information on whether anyone has been fined or arrested for wagering the privacy of their home by using an internet connection. The online gambling sites are licensed in Gibraltar or in the UK are fully legal under International and European Law. You are safe when you use these websites with a private internet connection that you will run into any problems and issues with the law.

In conclusion, it can be noted and said that when you are playing in India there is one thing that you must remember and that is betting on games that involve “chance” are not permitted however games that invoke “skills” are. There are as of now no specific laws that prevent online gambling in the nation when you are doing so in rupees. This is the reason why it is prudent to stay informed and be aware of gambling laws that are prevalent to India.

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