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Gambling in Hungary is legal yet at the moment citizens can participate in online gambling provided by hungarian state monopoly...

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Hungary Online Casinos: Welcome players from Hungary, here you will be able to find Hungarian online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in Hungarian language and with Forint currency. Also you can expect the support team to answer in Hungarian. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a amusing and fun casino gambling experience.

Gambling in Hungary is legal and people in the nation can buy lottery tickets and gamble at casinos. The citizens in the nation are able to gamble on sports and also participate in online gambling provided that this online gambling is managed by the Hungarian State Monopoly.

Hungarian citizens are not legally permitted to gamble on offshore casino and foreign poker websites. This is why the gambling laws in the nation remain a legal and hot political topic with foreign online casinos and the EU working in collaboration to loosen these stubborn Hungarian laws in the nation.

If you take a look at the Hungarian laws on gambling you are able to get a fair idea of similar laws at play in the rest of Europe. Currently the EU and the international community are working together to break down the national barriers towards gambling.

The nation passed the Hungary Gambling Act of 1991 in order to develop a state gambling monopoly in its national borders. Private investors are allowed to invest in the gambling interests of the nation and all Hungary gambling interests with all the gambling operations being owned by the majority of the state. After Hungary’s entrance in the EU this law has been challenged by it.

The internet gambling websites outside the UK have been selected to challenge the above gambling laws of the nation and till now there has been no resolution of disputes.
The EU has suggested that the nation make the required changes in its gaming regulations and laws to stay and comply with the free trade practices in EU. Denmark and Finland were also cited for a similar breach in the same filing issued by the European Commission. The main point of the argument of the EU is on the nation’s gambling operators that are considered to be non-profit operators under Hungarian laws. The EU has not specifically mentioned the above directly however it claims that these operators advertise their products needed to meet their revenue objectives and goals.

The nations in the EU are permitted to operate games on a non-profit basis while limiting foreign operators however the members of the EU are not permitted to limit commerce from private interests in member EU states, if the blocking member permits its own private enterprises to be involved in a similar industry. The EU also recommends that these Hungarian laws rule out the gambling interests of other nations and allow businessmen from the nation to run casinos.

The largest gambling provider in the nation is Szerencsejáték and it has exclusive rights to all the prize draw tickets, sports bets and lottery games in the nation. Half of all the casinos in the nation belong to them. From 1998 online gambling began after the company started making its products available on the internet and since 2003 Hungarian citizens are able to place wagers via sms as well. This is the extent of legal gambling in Hungary. However since the year 2006 Hungary has started cracking down on gambling online. It follows the USA and forbids banks of the nation from processing payments made to and from gambling internet sites in foreign lands.

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