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Online Gambel in the nation is not fully legal meaning that German websites are not able to provide game of skill or chance to players so only foreign sites...

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Germany Online Casinos: Welcome players from Germany, here you will be able to find German online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in German language and with Euro currency. Also you can expect the support team to answer in German. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a safe and delight casino gambling experience.

Germany Online Gambling Market: Gambling has been legal in Germany for a very long time and if we go into recent history we can find that the local authorities of the state had the sole discrimination to regulate it in specific areas. In the present times gambling in the nation has been controlled at much higher levels. It was way back in 1900 that gambling in the nation nose-dived on account of the world war and its partition. However it regained its popularity in the last decade and now it is soaring high.

When it comes to gambling in the nation in the modern times there are about 70 gambling centers across Germany. Most of these gambling centers are proper casino cruises and casinos. These centers are regulated stringently mainly for the prime reason to keep players from becoming addicted to the temptations of gambling. Despite its strict regulations gambling in the nation is very popular and highly in demand.

When it comes to online gambling in the nation it is not fully legal. This means that the German websites are not able to provide games of skill or chance to players. Players have no option but to access those websites that are hosted by foreign nations.
It is here that the local government as no jurisdiction at all. Last year the Government of the nation has made an attempt to prevent the above with the blocking of websites that provided internet gambling and by forcing banks to stop the transfer of money to such websites.

The above actions were largely opposed by the EU and there are negotiations that are taking place for the ban to be lifted. It is not ineffective now in any way. The players from the nation has faced a lot of problems in finding international gaming websites when they are playing poker, lottery or other games. There was a study conducted recently where it was found that there are about 2.2 million Germans who play on gambling online websites. The online gambling scenario in the nation is good and it is anticipated that the market will also open up soon.

On the 15th of February 2011 the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig- the highest court in Germany had issued a defacto ban on all advertising by both state and private controlled casino and lotto operators. This was a ruling that supported the German Gambling Monopoly under the State Treaty On Gaming.

There are about 252 German sites in the nation that provide players with games in German and English. They also accept wagers in US Dollars and Euros. The first casino that legally opened in the nation was in Baden in 1765 and at that time the casinos were just places to drink, gamble and socialize very similar to the scenario today.

In modern Germany you will find that there are a number of casinos that have grown to about 75 percent and this is high considering the small size of the nation. The fact is that you are able to find more casinos in the nation other than any country in the world.

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