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While Online Gambling is legal in Estonia many players turn to websites that are hosted in other nations and few websites offer services in Estonia...

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Estonia Online Casinos: Welcome players from Estonia, here you will be able to find Estonian online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in Estonian language and with Euro currency. Also you can expect the support team to answer in Estonian. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a enjoyable and rewarding casino gambling experience.

Estonia Online Gambling Market: The gambling scenario in Estonia is very big and prominent in the nation. Ever since the nation was freed from the Soviet Union in the early 1990’s it was so eager to attract foreign companies across borders.

This is why it began legalizing gambling and issuing licenses to whoever aspired for them. This meant that those who wanted gambling licenses got them easily as the rules for them were not harsh. The gambling in the nation started with a state lottery in the year 1991 and things began to kick-start from there. It began to grow drastically from there however later it had to be monitored. In the year 1995 the Gambling Act brought things together under a tight circle however the rules were very relaxed. Today gambling is very popular in most parts of Estonia.

The total population of this small nation is just 1.3 million however casinos here are about 170 in number. This means there are many gambling spots in the nation where people can play in. There are gambling rooms all over the cities in the country. There is one slot machine for 600 residents. There is also an estimated 6% of the adult population that gambles regularly. There are at least 80% of the population that has tried out some forms of gambling. The government now recognizes this as a problem and this is the reason why it is gradually taking the appropriate steps to address and fix the solution.

Online gambling is also legal in Estonia and it attracts many players on a daily basis. The first internet gambling facilities in the nation were offered by the state run sportsbook called Sprodiennustus in the year 2004. There is another website that provides state lottery, bingo and other number games on the internet. This website does not however provide games of skill. The Olympic Entertainment Group operates and controls most of the casinos that are land based in Estonia. It also operates a website that details many local events and tournaments however do not provide online gambling.

For playing casino styled games in Estonia players turn to those websites that are hosted in other nations. There are a few international gambling websites offshore that provide services in Estonia however they are rare. Most of the individuals who are looking for Estonian online gambling websites need to turn to those websites in German, English and other major languages.

This helps them to get access and play a large number of games on the internet. The Government is still working on the regulation relating to online gambling in the nation. The government is still working on regulations relating to online gambling in the nation and so the industry has chances of opening up soon.
There are about 219 websites providing gambling games in Estonian or English and accepting wagers in US Dollars or Euros. With regard to online casinos there are about 134 in the nation that provides games in Estonian and English. They accept wagers in US Dollars and Euros.

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