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Dansk Spill monitors bingo, sports betting, lottery int the nation while the EU is not satisfied with their monopoly and wants to open the gambling industry...

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Denmark Online Casinos: Welcome players from Denmark, here you will be able to find Danish online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in Danish language and with Danish krone currency. Also you can expect the support team to answer in Danish. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a exciting and enjoyable casino gaming experience.

Denmark Online Gambling Market: In Denmark the gambling laws and regulations are complicated. The nation makes a unique distinction between two major types of gambling-games of skills and games of chance. Games of skill are permitted in casinos only and they are run on licenses that have been granted by the Danish Ministry of Justice. These licenses are issued to eligible companies only.

When it comes to the games of chance they are controlled by a company called Dansk Spil. This Company has been in operation since the year 1948. The Danish Government controls about 80% of the Dansk Spil and it therefore approves the monopoly it tends to hold on an all chance-based gambling.

The Government deploys all its power over this company to control much of the gambling that takes place in the nation. Dansk Spil monitors bingo, sports betting, lottery and keno games in the nation. The European Union is however not happy with the current situation and so it is imposing pressure of the Danish Government to break the present monopoly and open the Danish gambling industry to other companies as well.

When it comes to online gambling in Denmark you will find that there are several forms of online gambling in the nation. Dansk Spil controls all forms of online gambling in the nation. This website tends to provide players with sports betting, a wide range of card and arcade games, keno, bingo and more. In a bid to keep gambling on the internet under control there is a total stake limit imposed for online gambling in the nation on the website of Dansk Spil. This has been imposed at DKK 5,000 or 670 Euro for every player for every 24 hours.

The Danish government has discouraged its citizen from playing at internet casinos that are hosted in foreign shores. However you will find that this is a common phenomenon that happens here. The Government has made its attempts to slow down Danish gambling on the internet in foreign shores by preventing banks in the nation for making authorized payments to internet gambling websites besides Dansk Spil. This situation in the nation is there the same like the one in USA. This move may stop online gambling at internet casinos offshore however it does not stop altogether.

Dansk Spil only controls the monopoly on most forms of gambling however they monitor only the lottery styled games, casino games like baccarat, blackjack and roulette tend to fall into a different category and they are subject to different regulations and laws. These games are legal in the nation but they are only permitted in casinos that are regulated by the Danish Ministry of Justice.

Casinos may be legal in Denmark but the nation has few casinos. They are very regulated and have strict limits on games. The guests need to register on entering and provide their name, date, nationality, birthdate and show their photo identification. Most of these casinos are located in hotels and they are regularly frequented by tourists mostly.

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