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foreign casinos tend to provide everything that a player needs,and most of them accept players from the nation...

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Colombia Online Casinos: Welcome players from Colombia, here you will be able to find Colombian online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in Colombian language and with Peso currency. Also you can expect the support team to answer in Spanish. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a enjoyable and entertaining casino gambling experience.

Gambling in Colombia is legal however the gambling industry is not as developed as it is in the nearby Latin American nations. Here lottery and casino are the primary forms of gambling. There are two dozen legal casinos in the nation operating today and they are mostly located in the capital city of Bogota. Poker is also very rare in the nation and it is very hard for a person to find a poker table outside a casino. Sports gambling are also catching up in the nation in a very big way but it is not as popular sports betting played in the other regions of South America.

When it comes to the issue of online gambling you will find that it is available to all players in the region. The Colombian Government has not taken any step when it comes to gambling on the internet. They have an open attitude and do nothing to stop players from gambling on these foreign sites. There is an online gambling expo event that is held every year in Bogota and it is called FADJA or feria Andina de Juegos de Azar. This event is a major event that brings people from neighboring nations of Latin America to participate. There is anticipation among some people that FADJA would be a sign of legal internet gambling coming to the nation in the near future.

Online casinos in the nation however have a different story to tell. Online gambling is not illegal officially however it is not legal either. The Government of the nation allows players to use casinos that are foreign based. On the other hand the Government has not allowed a legal casino to open in the nation. The foreign casinos tend to provide everything that a player needs. There are many of them on the internet today. Most of them accept players from the nation and they even provide services in Spanish. There are about 233 gambling websites in Columbia that provide games in English and Spanish. They accept wagers in US dollars and Columbian Pesos.

If you are looking for real-money poker you can easily find them in the nation. There are two dozen casinos in the country. Most of them provide players with poker tables and there are some casinos like Rockfeller Casino and Poker Room in Bogota that host regular poker tournaments. As of now there have been no prime or major poker events hosted and held in Columbia. The tournaments like the Latin American Poker Tour are likely to make a halt at major casino tournaments. The game of poker is gradually catching on and it is soon likely to be more popular throughout Colombia very soon.

Online poker has the scope of enhancing the popularity of the game successfully. The Government of Columbia has not yet undertaken an official stance in the field of online gambling. They remain open when it comes to the issue of permitting players from the nation to use poker websites that are foreign based in Columbia.

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