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There are a large number of websites that accept players from Brazil.Many of them have Portuguese version of their websites...  

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Brazil Online Casinos: Welcome players from Brazil, here you will be able to find Brazilian online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in Brazilian language and with Real currency. Also you can expect the support team to answer in Portuguese. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a enjoyable and entertaining gaming experience.Brazil Online Gambling Market: When you go to different places in the world you will find that gambling laws are different. There are several countries that have gambling laws that are relaxed and some that have very stringent rules. In Brazil the gambling rules are very strict. It is very hard for a player to gamble here especially after the Dutra (the President of the Nation) in 1946 imposed a partial ban on gambling. Horse racing and lotteries are the only real forms of gambling that are currently available to players in the nation. There are however some loopholes when it comes to gambling machines and you are able to find them in the nation.

Now when it comes to the question of online gambling in the nation, the country does not have much to say as far as legality is concerned. You will not find any gambling sites in Brazil as the Government will not permit a license to them. This however does not stop the people in the nation to gamble on other sites on the internet. They can play on websites that are hosted by other nations. The Government of Brazil does not have power over them. It still has not yet devised rules and laws to control them. These independent gambling websites operate freely and people in the nation are able to play on them without restrictions at all.

There are a large number of websites that are growing and they also accept players from Brazil. Some of these websites also cater to the needs of the players by making Portuguese versions of their websites.
Recently the Government of Brazil has made a decision to crack down on online gambling in the nation. The Government has observed that players in the nation are able to access other websites and this is the reason why they have turned to alternate methods of legislation to control the situation.

In the past one year the senate in Brazil has worked very hard to try and pass a legislative bill to ban the payments that are made to players on foreign websites. They are tried to imitate the UIGEA and it was scheduled to be passed in the year 2010. A part of this legislation covers ISP blocks to prohibited websites. In case there are prime violations the player can face some serious issues that include imprisonment.

The UIGEA Bill was first created in the USA. This Bill does not punish the gambling websites but it will punish the players who access them in countries where they are rendered illegal. The focus is on internet providers and any financial institutions or credit card companies that permits transactions that are made on these websites. This Bill made popular gambling site Bwin withdraw from the nation. Brazil has made similar efforts in the above regard. It wants to deter players in the nation from gambling and this is the reason why it has implemented such rules. However the unfortunate news is that the nation faced minimum support and under present plans there are no efforts to block online gambling.

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