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Citizens of Austria are able to take part in online gambling both on the national and international websites...

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Austria Online Casinos: Welcome players from Austria, here you will be able to find Austrian online casinos. All the casinos listed on this page offer online casino gambling software in Austrian language and with Euro currency.

Also you can expect the support team to answer in German. Pick one of the top online casinos below for a fun and realistic casino gaming experience.

Austria Online Gambling Market

Austria in Europe is the 12th richest nation across the globe when it comes to GDP. The nation sports living standards that are high along with a social market economy that is well-developed. Gambling in Austria is a part of the legal and economic sector in the nation. It is stringently regulated by the Government and the European Commission. It covers different aspects of both land and online based gambling. This also includes internet betting in the nation as well.

The law in the nation makes a difference between proper and little gambling. When the player gambles with large financial transactions he/she is into proper gambling. This is only permitted in casinos. The little gambling can take place in any place at any time and it includes a game where the wagers are less than 50 cents. This applies to low stake card games, slot machines and more.

When it comes to online gambling in the nation there are many restrictions that the player needs to abide to. The Government of the nation issues gambling licenses to companies online in the nation however the websites on the internet can only accept players from Austria. On the other hand, citizens of the nation are able to take part in online gambling both on the national and international websites. There is a similar two-fold situation that is provided in advertising as well. Only those companies that have been licensed by Austria and not the foreign licensed ones are permitted to conduct advertising campaigns in the nation.

Some of the profitable and biggest internet gambling companies has their origins in Austria. They may have their official headquarters in other jurisdictions offshore but that does not matter in the nation. The gambling legislation in the nation is a confusing one however this does not stop players in the nation from players. This is something that the Government needs to look into when it comes to the regulation of the national system on gambling.

In June 2010 The National Assembly in the nation had passed a new gambling law that was criticized greatly for its norms. This law stated that it would be really difficult to get a gambling license and there would be stringent restrictions when it comes to the places where slot machines would be allowed to be located. There were also restrictions on the number of machines that could be operated.

However there are new laws that open the entire nation to slot machines as in the past they were confined to four provinces namely Vienna, Styria, Carinthia and Lower Austria. This new law also increased the number of casino licenses from 12 to 15.
The stakes and prizes were limited to specific values. These new regulations also have the geographical factors. The arcade licenses are limited to one for every 1200 individuals or one in 600 in Vienna and there should be a minimum distance of about 15 km between every arcade or 2 km in Vienna in the nation for players.

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