Total E Soft

The top of the line Total E Soft software has all takes to make an incredible looking casino. All of your design options are in place...

When it comes to competitive markets online, there may be none more so than that of casino gambling. It’s a billion dollar business with more and more entrepreneurs looking at getting a piece of that big pie. One of the best ways to attract players to a new casino site is to offer them a quality gaming experience, and while there are a number of great software providers out there, it’s often a case of taking their product as is and hoping for the best. That cannot be said for Total E Soft who actually offers customers looking to build their own site three different options to choose from.

If you are looking to invest money in an online casino venture then you are going to want to let players know that they are in your casino and not some generic place created by a software provider. All three Total E Soft casino software options allow you to do just that and to customize your casino in a way that will help you to stand out in the crowd. The first of those options, known as Total Branded, is designed in a ways that allows you to have your casino logo on just about everything in the design. That means that the chips, games, and even the interior of the lobby will be designed to match your specific needs.

The Total E Soft Professional software package is a little more involved, coming with 10 language options as opposed to the 4 in the Total Branded version. You will also have total admin access and can use the affiliate program option to help get your site seen by new players. Getting people to come and join and new venture is always the toughest part of the startup process, with many companies finding that an affiliate program offers the best way to get a group of people working for your casino. They only get paid when you make money, making it a true win/win scenario.

The top of the line Total E Soft Ultimate software package has all of the bells and whistles needed to make an incredible looking casino. All of your branding and design options are in place as they are with the other options, but the Ultimate package also adds some incredible gaming options such as a sportsbook, live dealer games, and multi-player poker games. This package also comes with 18 different language options which, when added to all the other features, gives you the biggest chance of appealing to the gaming masses.

Total E Soft is a Gibraltar based company that seems to understand the value of providing a great casino experience, but also doing it in a way that is beneficial to the casino owner as well as the player. They currently have over 100 different games available, with new ones arriving regularly. That means your players will never get bored, which in turn increases the chances of them returning again and again which is always good for the bottom line.