Sigma Software

Sigma Software is a massive software developer with a large number of projects in the online gambling industry. Keep reading and find out what those projects are, who their clients are and what type of products Sigma Software provide.

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If you are into online gambling, you have probably heard of most big name software developers, but may have never heard of Sigma Software. Despite that, Sigma Software is in fact involved with a massive number of online gambling projects, but the company usually does them for other clients.

Sigma Software is a massive software developer with projects spanning a dozen different industries like telecom, energy, automotive and of course gambling. Their massive team has been developing games and platforms for many of the most popular online casino companies out there, including none other than IGT.

Sigma Software’s Hand in Online Gaming

While Sigma Software is not an online casino software developer per say, the company has spent many years working alongside the likes of IGT and Genera Networks to help them develop their casino, lottery and betting products.

Some of the products developed for online gaming by Sigma Software over the years include a social gaming platform, a geolottery game and many parts of IGT’s online casino platform. As years go by, Sigma Software appears to be ever expanding in terms of size and number of clients they are taking on, with new online gambling companies always asking for their services.

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