PlayScreen is a mobile and social game developer that produces entertaining games for Apple devices.

PlayScreen, LLC. is a mobile game development company that launched even before the first iPhone game came out and the App Store was even invented! PlayScreen produces some of the best mobile, casual, and social games, with the goal of providing the ultimate entertainment for their players. PlayScreen prides itself on producing simple games that gamers of all levels can enjoy. The company is based in Baltimore, MD with branches in Oregon and California.


PlayScreen produces games for iOS, including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPads. PlayScreen has also gotten a jump-start on producing games for the Apple Watch. Their games include Impossible Hex, Slots Cash, World Carnivale, Stick Figure Movie Trivia, Billionaire Poker, PlayScreen Poker, PlayScreen Poker2, Crickler Daily World Puzzle, Bocce Friends, Match 3D Flick Puzzle, and Bag Bigfoot. Games can be downloaded at the Apple Store.


John Byrne is the CEO of PlayScreen, and he is committed to producing games that are “built-to-last,” as opposed to games that are “built-to-flip.” Sherri Cuono is the CTO, and her areas of expertise include Gaming (Casino), Entertainment Media Delivery, Corporate Communication, Mobile, and Social Entertainment. The CCO of Playscreen is William Volk, who brings with him over 25 years of experience in the video industry.


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