Playsafe Holding AS  invests mainly into the online gambling industry.they manage a lot of online casino brands and thier purpose is powering online gaming...

Playsafe Holding AS is an investment firm that invests mainly into the online gambling industry. Its owners are from Norway and they manage many well-known online casino brands. The Playsafe casino software provider has the purpose of powering these brands with a similar set of game offers.

The company was first acquired by its founders in 2005. In 2006, it secured an investment of around $22 million. In 2006, the company also acquired the Action Poker Network from a firm in Las Vegas. In 2007, the company bought the rights of an online gaming platform which went to generate a huge return on investment.

In 2008, the company failed to launch two new brands. In 2009, the company secured a JV collaboration with a company from Austria that sold more than 160,000 gaming terminals in the past 20 years. The Austrian company wanted to distribute the Playsafe games all around the world through its gaming terminals. In 2010, the Austrian company filed for bankruptcy and Playsafe had to reinvent itself.

The following are the most important online casino websites that are powered by the Playsafe casino software provider:


This brand is quite popular among online poker enthusiasts. It also appeared in 2005 on KTLA TV which is a television channel. This brand is also popularized by the new poker terminals that are called ActionPoker and ActionStation.

The main market for these terminals is Latin America. This is one reason why the website is available both in Spanish and English.


TigerGaming has more than 800,000 account in Canada. This represents 2% of the entire population of Canada. The website was launched in 2002 and it continues to deliver high quality online casino services.


Poker in Canada is one of the members of the Action Poker Network. This website focuses in serving the Canadian market. It was created by Canadians and it offers promotions that are available only in Canada.

The portfolio of Playsafe Holding AS contains 7 major online casinos. The above 3 brands are some of its most important.

The Playsafe Casino software provider is not just a software provider. The Playsafe Holding AS provides products and services in the land-based casino business and in the online casino world.

The following are some of its most important B2B products and services. They are offered to other companies in the industry. These client companies usually have to pay a fee in order to have access to them.

1: The Action Poker Network.

It was launched in 1999 and since then it gathered online poker players in a number of websites., and are its most important websites.
Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this platform. It can easily be installed on their server.

2: The Action MTE toolkit

The Action MTE toolkit helps casino owners offer incentives for affiliates and other people to refer traffic to their casino websites. The toolkit takes advantage of a number of promotion mechanisms.

3: Action Stations

They are land-based gaming terminals that run the games offered by the Playsafe casino software provider.

4: Action iCafי

It's a online gaming offering especially designed for internet cafes. An internet cafe is a place where people who do not have an internet connection can have access for a fee to an internet connection.

5: Action Affiliate

It's a web based platform that enables website owners to manage affiliates. The website owners can offer monthly bonuses or promotions to their affiliates. They can create a compensation plan that makes sense and keeps affiliates motivated.

The Playsafe casino software provider distributed its software on thousands of different terminals and online locations. It's one of the most important players in the land-based and online casino worlds. I invite you to learn more about the company and what it has to offer to you.