Ongame Network

players who wish to play online casino games everywhere can look for the mobile gaming solutions of Ongame Network who explores the latest solutions in smartphone technology...

Ongame Network is a Stockholm based casino company that began operations in 1999. This Company started late than other industry giants. Two students of Uppsala University Oskar Harnell and Clades Lidell developed this engine for the widely sought after online poker With the passage of time this Company expanded its operations in the online poker world giving rise to a creative diversified platform in the online casino world with popular games like craps, slots, roulette and blackjack. 

In 2006 the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIEGA) forced several online casinos to close down their doors to customers based in the USA. This law prohibited the banks in USA to process transactions between players in the USA to online casino sites based overseas. Online Network casinos on the internet obeyed these laws and closed all accounts of its American customers however its websites still flourish around the rest of the world and Europe.

Salient Features Of Ongame Network :

Multiple Platforms
Ongame Network tends to work on a number of multiple platforms. This software is not the same like several online casinos who tend to limit their software to downloadable clients on the Microsoft Windows OS platform. This Company has several online games that operate on a large number of operating platforms and systems. The Company deploys technology like Java and Flash to create online casino games via the web browser of the customer. Ongame Network has several online casinos that operate on the Apple Mackintosh OS as well.

Multiple Currencies and Languages

One of the prime reasons behind the popularity of this casino game in Europe is its ability to support multiple languages and currencies. There are several online casino companies on the internet however Ongame Network websites provide you with texts in French, Spanish and English. These websites provide you with a Swedish language feature thus reflecting the home base of the Company. There are also ten other languages. Ongame Network and its websites process transactions in British Pounds, US Dollars, EU euros and other popular currencies in the world.

Mobile Gaming Solutions

Those players who wish to play online casino games everywhere can check out the mobile gaming solutions of Ongame Network. This software house is an edge cutting one that explores the latest solutions in smartphone technology. The above also covers and includes the creation of online casinos for The Apple iOS and other mobile operating system platforms. With these advanced technology features and hassle-free mobility players can enjoy real money play games whenever and wherever they go.


This Company has a strong support for its clients and its customer support team is very good. Ongame Network casinos provide customers with 24/7 online services 365 days. This Company gives players 10 progressive jackpots at online casino slot games. Players when playing with Ongame Network are able to get a European feel thanks to the elegance and sophistication you generally will not find in several other online casinos. For a company that began as an online poker support it has come a long way in adapting itself positively to the casino gaming environment.