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Net Entertainment games built with the latest 3D and animation technologies today.

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A Profitable Premium Supplier Of Digitally Distributed Gaming Systems NetEnt, known as Net Entertainment, is a public company that provides premium games to well-known game distribution companies.

The games are provided digitally, via the Internet. At the moment, the company's portfolio is comprised of more than 100 games.

The following are the most important things you have to know about Net Entertainment:

Premium Content and Games

NetEnt provides only premium content and games. The games provided by NetEnt can be played both online and downloaded to your PC. Many other game suppliers also distribute their games. The distribution of games would create additional competition to NetEnt's customers. It's much better to do one thing great than to do many things average.


NetEnt was founded in 1996 and it had a successful IPO in 2007. The initial funds were provided by an offline casino from Stockholm. It's quite important to know that the founders of this company were already accustomed to the world of casinos and gambling. They had an offline casino which dealt pretty much with the same type of customers. At the time, an online presence seemed as the right thing to pursue and it turned out well.

Focus on Innovation

Innovation is truly important to the company. The gaming technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Nowadays, new 3D technologies are breaking through the clutter. They are loved by the customers and provide a high quality entertainment experience. The adoption of these new technologies is critical for the future of the company.

Loyal Player-base

Players make more money than by playing on other platforms. The players who gamble on a daily basis are the life-blood of the company. Without their contribution, the rate of innovation would be much slower. 

Customers are demanding, selfish and they can choose another online casino platform with a simple mouse click. This is why you need to create such a compelling offer that your customers become addicted to your gaming website for a long time. And the best way to create addiction and keep faithful your customers is to create an unmatched gaming experience. NetEnt does exactly this.


The online casino market is about 21% of the online gaming industry. The companies operating in the online casino space bring about 7 billion in revenue per year. NetEnt is a profit-driven public company. Most public companies focus exclusively on growing their revenues and share's price. They would prefer a 1 million increase in revenue than 1 million increase in profits. NetEnt focuses on profits. Profits are the right measurement stick regarding how positively you can affect a market and its customers.


NetEnt's CasinoModule™ is a major drawing point for online gaming operators to use the platform, as it offers a unified gaming system which gives answers to all needs. Easy to integrate and customize, CasinoModule™ offers reliable uptime and stability with new content on a monthly basis. This adds up to NetEnt's dedicated account management and customer/technical support and all other professional services which an operator requires in order to run a good business. 


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