MetaGU is a British-based developer of online slots for clients worldwide. They have a unique software platform that can significantly reduce development time.

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MetaGU, which is an abbreviation of Meta Games Universal, offers bespoke games and unique services to online casino clients from their offices in Spitalfields, London. Founded in 2015 by the software team leader and US development managers of Cyberview Technology, they have a growing collection of slots in their portfolio, along with their unique Cargo game generation software to offer.

MetaGU Games

The company specialises in the development of slots for their clients and partners, who include Openbet, GTS, which is a part of the Playtech Group, and the huge Freemantle Media company. Games in HTML5 and Flash formats include the pirate-themed Treasure Island, Monster Cash, which is filled with vampires and ghosts, and the magical Diamond Goddess.

MetaGU works closely with customers to ensure each slot meets their requirements, while games can be integrated into clients' existing ranges with ease. 

Unique Cargo Software System

The patented Cargo game development software is designed to shorten the time needed to bring a new slot machine to the market by reducing the amount of coding required. Game developers can graphically design slots to their own specifications at less cost, with MetaGU claiming to reduce the time required by up to 75%. Games can be taken from concept to release in 6 - 8 weeks, although compliance testing can extend this.

Cargo also features RAD technology that can produce mobile optimised games for Android and Apple platforms.

The company is still expanding their workforce and range, so we can expect to hear more about this operation and their services in the future.

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