Lotus Gaming

Lotus Gaming is based in the Philippines and their range of live dealer tables reflects local and regional casino game preferences

Based in The Philippines, Lotus Gaming is a software developer that caters to the South East Asian market with a range of live dealer tables. Launched in 2016, they offer Roulette, Baccarat and Sic Bo games, along with a number of specialist games such as Red and White and Lotus 5.

Table Games For Desktops And Mobiles

Alongside the traditional table games, players will find Red and White, which is based on Filipino street game. Coloured Ping Pong balls are thrown into a grid of 100 squares and if they land on matching colours, players win. Lotus 5 is inspired by Texas 5 and sees playing card values added up, with players winning when they have a higher value set than the dealer. Other games tailored to the local market include an Odd/Even card game, along with Dragon & Tiger.

Their games are all HTML5 compatible and can be played on multiple devices. A particular feature is the way that slow mobile or internet connections cause the games to automatically transfer to simple graphics without stopping the action. Security and fast payouts are assured by Lotus Gaming.

Multi-gaming Platform

Mini games, side bets and a range of around 29 slot machines are also available on the Lotus Gaming platform. These can be played as the main live dealer tables are between rounds, so players won't be kept waiting without being able to place bets on anything.

Customizable wagers and pattern bets can be made on Lotus Gaming tables, while players are able to keep track of game results, wins or losses and adjust their stakes accordingly. 



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