Kootac is a Malta-based online lottery software provider that offers a platform for online lotteries and syndicate-style games.

Kootac is an online lottery software provider with over ten years of experience in the industry. Kootac operates out of Malta and allows people from all over the world to participate in reputable lotteries and syndicate-style games. To date, Kootac has served over 300,000 customers and paid out more than 20 million euro.


Kootac offers B2B solutions to companies who wish to compete in the online lottery scene. Additionally, existing companies who wish to utilize Kootac’s solutions can take advantage of Kootac’s full turnkey solution, which integrates seamlesslessly with existing set-ups. Using Kootac’s technology can increase revenue and generate industry-leading conversions.

Solutions include a full suite of affiliate marketing tools, non-stop technical support, regular security audits and software updates, an administrator’s toolkit geared towards discovering new revenue streams, an appealing user-friendly interface, automated payments and more.


Kootac’s platform is called PlayEuroLotto, and it can be integrated into anyone’s website. Created in 2009, PlayEuroLotto allows players to participate in huge lotteries and syndicate-style games. The platform is adaptable to English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Polish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish and Chinese.

PlayEuroLotto also offers industry-leading conversions, player benefits and VIP rewards, the full protection of 128-bit SSL encryption technology. and complete gambling licensing.




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