Ikki is a software provider of both online casino games and a software platform. Their software platform comes in the form of a modular suite designed to reduce expenses and maintenance.

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Ikki is an Italian company that offers both online casino games as well as a software platform to online casino operators. Their games include skill games, card games, tournaments, slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. The founders of Ikki have been working in the field of software development for over ten years.

Their software platform is a modular suite that consists of different games that come in the form of plug-ins so that they can work with any game server. The suite is designed in such a way that reduces the customer’s costs of management and maintenance.

The main features of their suite are connecting and disconnecting users, clustering, threading, a lobby, management of tournaments, dynamic jackpots, cash tables, waiting lists, a rebuy feature, chat, report, and an interface of gaming accounts and centralized management systems.

Ikki’s suite can be integrated into operating systems in two ways: either the operator can develop its own web service that allows for integration, or Ikki can design a customized integration module that interfaces with web services that already exist on the customer’s gaming platform.

As of now, Ikki offers 15 table games and 9 slot games. Their slot suits allows customers to design their own original slot games, which includes the payment system and the artwork.