Grand Virtual

Grand Virtual Casinos offer more than 120 games including table games, progressive slots,multiplayer games, video poker and much more...

Grand Virtual Casinos(aka CIDC) are a popular casino games service provider in every part of the world. They provide their online casino services to 189 countries in the world, which can be considered as a great success for a developer like that.

They came to the industry on 2005 and their quality work helped them to gain this success within a short period of time. They are now known as Cambridge Interactive Development Corporation or CIDC. They understood the increasing demand for online casino games on the world and implemented necessary strategies to cater the demand in an effective way.

Their multi-cultural enlargement played an important role behind their success. Even though it is a very difficult task to match top industry players, Grand Virtual Casinos have achieved that with less hassle. They have existed in the industry by keeping their brand among the top competitors while surviving the tough competition.

All the casino solutions which are provided by Grand Virtual Casinos are filled with flexibility. Therefore many potential clients buy their services without any hesitation. They have a wide range of games which have appealing and realistic graphics. They also customize their solutions according to the needs of the customer. This helped them a lot to achieve a prominent place in the global market with less hassle.

The games produced by Grand Virtual Casinos can be divided into two categories as downloadable games and non downloadable games. The numbers of game titles that come under Grand Virtual Casinos are more than 120 and it keeps growing along with time. The types of games that they offer include table games, progressive slots, multiplayer games, video poker and some third party games. Grand Virtual Casinos is led by its simple core values.

These core values are essential for the success of every business, and the success of Grand Virtual can be considered as the best example. They are filled with honest and integrity, while working towards the convenience of their clients. All the products manufactured by Grand Virtual Casinos are filled with quality and that is proven from the customer reviews about the company. They have fabulous administrating and reporting tools, 3D interfaces, top- notch chatting features, a generous bonus structure and many more fascinating features.

The wide range of games available on Grand Virtual Casinos helps a lot for the operators and players. Sign up bonuses are also offered to the clients and VIP promos and casino rewards can be given to special clients through Grand Virtual Casinos. They have an excellent customer support service in order to clarify the issues and doubts of the clients.

These clients can connect to the customer support service through multiple ways. The manufacturer has also taken some measures in order to protect the security of the system. Therefore they will be able to keep their prominent place in the industry for a long period of time.