Social gaming giant FlowPlay continues to raise the bar for virtual gaming.

FlowPlay creates a new style of online gaming experience by developing casual, social games. These games bring together players on a community platform where they can chat with one another, while playing games. Social games have become a smash hit with millions of players around the world and FlowPlay is one of this iGaming niche market leaders.

Games by FlowPlay are browser-based and create virtual worlds like their popular MMORPG, Vegas World. While inside of this game, players will be able to play fun casino games, which include over 40 different slots, table games, poker variations, and more. 

FlowPlay also created ourWorld, which is another virtual world game that is available on your home computer or mobile device. To ensure that the company stays ahead of the competition, they develop new technologies like their White-Label Platform and 3D Vector Avatar System.


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