Emgidy is a software development and integration company specializing in mobile technologies.

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Emgidy is a Malta-based software development and integration company that specializes in mobile technologies. With so many online services available today, Emgidy seeks to aid companies by developing mobile applications that help them engage clients at any time and from any location via any mobile device. Emgidy's web applications are built so that they will be native like phone applications, enabling users to access the applications from any mobile device without specific affiliation or obligation to one operating system. The company's solutions are built using standards-based technologies the likes of HTML5 and CSS3.

Mobile Gaming

With its expertise in mobile applications in general, Emgidy also develops applications and games for the ever expanding world of mobile online casinos and poker rooms. Emgidy is known for its live dealer roulette application; the company's main focus is the WAPP which allows players to play from anywhere anytime.

Sportsbook Service

Emgidy has also made its foray into online sportsbooks, offering its very own sportsbook web-based application providing a range of key capabilities including offline support and immediate updates with limited delay. Users are able to access Emgidy's online sportsbook from any device as it is totally independent of operating system and service provider. The application can be downloaded without any restrictions at all.

Online gaming operators can integrate Emgidy's sportsbook both very easily and quickly, enabling new players a foray into the world of sportsbooks. With Emgidy's sportsbook players can view up to date real-time odds, live scores, statistical information, favorite games and more.

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