DLV has developed an extensive range of slots that are found in many casinos in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America. They are now looking to expand online.

DLV is a well-established developer of slot machines that have proved to be very popular at casinos in Eastern Europe and beyond.

They are now expanding into the online world with a new range of slot games specifically designed to be played on desktop and mobile platforms worldwide.

Slots From Latvia

The company was founded in 1994 and are still based in Latvia. Their gaming cabinets are located in casinos as far apart as the Caribbean, South America and Asia, as well as closer to their home. DLV also run their own sports betting site as well as an own-branded online casino.

All of the games from DLV are licensed and certified by multiple gambling jurisdictions to guarantee fair play. With over 400 staff, it's a major business and with the new online range, they are looking to expand even further.

A Wide Range Of Themes And Styles

Slots from DLV are all designed with vivid colour schemes. Each comes with a unique theme, with topics ranging from the ancient Egyptian style of King Tut, to the futuristic, robot-filled reels of Cool Cracker.

Several classic fruit machines, such as Fruitiles are available, while other games follow highly unique themes with the catapulting cats of Kittenpault being a good example.

Making The Move Online

DLV are in the process of launching games online. This is currently a work in progress, but will include slots, table games and live dealer tables. They also plan to open live betting shops, so gamblers can expect to hear much more about DLV as they continue their expansion across the world.

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