CWC Gaming

CWC is one of the world's first live gaming softwer provider , with a good reputation of providing quality live gambling and offering the best of services to it's clients....

CWC Gaming can be considered as the world’s first live gaming software provider. They are also recognized as the pioneers in live dealer casino software. CWC Gaming Company was introduced to the world in 2003.

They have gained a good reput
ation by providing quality live gambling services to the customers during the past few years. This helped them a lot to become the pioneers in the industry and stand above the competitors. They are in the process of expanding their businesses and the company is licensing their software in the Isle of Man in order to become a largest company on European based casinos.

Unique features can be found in the CWC Gaming casino software. They have a nonstop service, a neat streaming in real time and professional dealers for the convenience of users. The clients can customize the software according to their needs and desires in order to have a great gambling experience. Clients can pair all the benefits that are given by CWC Gaming with the most popular live casino games available in the world. Attractive packages are given both for players and operators to engage in their work with less hassle.

One of the best services offered by CWC Gaming casino software is that it allows the company to locate the best and the most efficient video relay servers that can be found in the world. This will supply the best streaming experience to the players and they will get the opportunity to play online casino without any frustration. Different unique options are available for the convenience of operators as well. They are provided with an extensive back end system and with a wide range of tools and reporting system that can assist them to reach a targeted group in an efficient way.

 CWC Games can also be coupled with RNG games. If the operator wishes to expand their offering, they can seek the assistance of RNG games as well. It will offer additional benefits to the players including an in-game mini lobby. It will assist the players to switch between the games in a convenient way, without returning to the main lobby.

Geo targeting features can also be found in CWC Gaming casino software. They have a wide range of currencies and languages to reach the people in every corner of the world with less hassle. The software providers also offer audio streaming and live chat services with the dealers.

The list of games that are offered by CWC Gaming casino software includes Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, Live Blackjack and Live Sic B. Different types of promotions and bonuses are available and the operator can customize them according to the needs of the market. Casino tournaments can also be organized and the ample dashboard will assist the operators to customize everything with less hassle. However, they have an issue with lack of licensing, but the company is in the process of solving that issue in order to provide an awesome experience to the casino players.