Transformers, Disney, and Toy Story are three of the main sources of inspiration for the mobile games developed by CerebralFix.

Tucked away in New Zealand is a software developer that has secured some extremely impressive licensing deals with some of the world’s foremost entertainment entities. Thus far, CerebralFix has formed deals with BBC Worldwide, Disney, Dreamworks, EA, and Lionsgate. This has enabled CerebralFix to develop some extremely popular mobile gaming content that is available on iOS and Android.

Primal Rivals

Developed as a 3D tower defence game for release in 2015, Primal Rivals pits one tribe against another. A diverse roster of characters has been created to ensure players can build a tribe to meet their preferred interests.

Dragon Reign

Available on Google Play and the App Store, Dragon Reign is an app that is also playable on Facebook. Designed with territory control in mind, Dragon Reign is ideal for gamers who like fantasy tales like the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

Disney Solitaire

The first card game from CerebralFix blends Disney characters with the popular game of solitaire. Disney characters make appearances from old favourites such as Peter King and the Lion King.

Transformers: Prime Terrorcon Defense

Easily the biggest blockbuster is CerebralFix’s Transformers game. CerebralFix worked with EA and Hasbro in bringing this immersive mobile game to market. Players get to destroy Decepticons with all manner of heavy weaponry.