Alfaplay, a professional casino games developer, offers most casino games to the organizations that are under legitimate European online casino. All casino games developed by Alfaplay are divided into three distinct sections: slot machines or video slots, table games (which include a tape measure) and video poker.

Slot machines are focused to gambling industry of the CIS. They are developed with rich graphics, great game mechanics and appropriate mathematical calculation. All these games are popular among fans of video slots.

Table games are very interesting for all solid players who value quality entertainment and ensure guarantee for fairness in gambling establishment. All games under this category are built on control mechanism honesty MD5

Video pokers include both single-line and multiline video poker. Each video poker integrates control honesty MD5 that makes game solid, attractive and honest institutions concerned. Consequently, the players get easily attracted to the games.

Benefits that Alfaplay offers:

• Allows obtaining a license for online gambling
• Partners can create a casino under further selling
• Games are available in each competitive niche
• Games are able to gain an acceptable conversion
• Offers an automatic interface that allows its projects to create copies of them in different domains, attracting partners
• Possibility of constructing White Label Network that helps you increase market coverage and reduce the risk of your business
• Games are very easy to use and requirements minimum technical knowledge.
• Reasonable terms of cooperation
• Allows diversification
• Software is easily accessible and available online at anytime and from anywhere.

Have look at the conditions, mentioned bellow, under which Alfaplay offers its services:

• Price: 18 500 USD
• Distribution of profits 75/25 in favor of the client
• Contacts give international firms specializing in casinos, which will execute correctly your business.

Over the years Alfaplay worldwide recognition for providing its parents and customers with flawless online gaming and gambling experience across the globe.

Just cast your glance at the bellow to know why the company has gained worldwide recognition:

• Software produced at Alfaplay does not take much time to be installed and run.
• Software is very easy to operate and maintain.
• It can support user with heavy support taking the load of heavy traffic on it.


• Alfaplay has already finished more than 10 projects casinos.
• One of its projects named as was given the honor of the best projects in the CIS
• It has achieved a huge number of clientele
• 10% market coverage of the active gaming audience

Alfaplay package are available online on request. It can serve up to 5,000 players. Alfaplay packages are secured, credible and legal. In its basic package it offers 80 games.
To build credibility and transparency, it includes price list for the basic package.

Gaming software is cost effective and ensures you a good ROI (return of investment). For better gaming experience and smooth software running, you can have service from Alfaplay. Just sitting in your cozy comfort zone, you can get an amazing playing experience. At the same time you chat with others. It will make you feel the essence of a real playing at your drawing room.