Akamon is numbero uno when it comes to social casino gaming, specializing in the Latin American and Southern European markets.

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Akamon is the leading provider of social casino gaming in Southern Europe and Latin America. As of now, the company boasts 23 million registered users who share gaming experiences in a growing online community. Akamon is also a member of ISGA, the International Social Games Association, the global industry body for social games companies.


Akamon’s impressive portfolio consists of 40 social game experiences, 21 of which are Facebook games (which shows just what an important component Facebook is to social gaming!). These game experiences are developed meticulously so that they are able to be played synchronously in a multiplatform environment and with top intuitive usability.

Akamon also adds a wonderful addition to its game experiences, and that is the localization of certain games. Localization means that players in France and players in Mexico won’t have the same old game. After all, they are thousands of miles and worlds apart. Akamon creates slightly different versions of their games for each region, so that the games best reflect the local dialect, culture and gaming style.

What is Social Gaming?

Social gaming is when a gamer plays online or on a mobile device, and is connected with another player or players. The connectedness is what makes social gaming so appealing, and it can take a number of forms: playing with or against friends and other competitors, or participating in leader boards, chat rooms or a social network like Facebook.

While online casinos skyrocketed in the beginning of the 21st century, it seems as though the next decade will be social gaming’s time to really lift-off. Studies have shown that social gaming knows no age, gender or location bounds. So as long as people enjoy playing and staying connected, social gaming popularity will continue to grow.



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