Air Dice

Air Dice is a Finnish software company based in Helsinki which offers a mix of products including software for the online casino industry.

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Air Dice is a Finnish software company that boasts a growing portfolio of games for online casinos. The company’s CEO, Sami Mäkinen gave Air Dice a diversified field of operation, allowing the company to work on online casino games and other online gambling related software as well as games for mobile and social media.

Air Dice is just beginning to breach the online casino market and while their games haven’t appeared on a lot of casinos, all software created by the company has received overwhelmingly positive feedback.


Air Dice’s software is developed mostly with HTML5, allowing their games to offer the very best graphics and gameplay while also giving their portfolio sufficient flexibility when it comes to expanding in the mobile and social media sectors. Their HTML5 choice also paved the way for future growth as all Air Dice products will be compatible with the vast majority of software platforms in use today.

Air Dice’s games are all currently developed with the instant-play mode, allowing easy access regardless of what device the players are using. Alternatively, Air Dice games can also be found through dedicated apps which will work on both iPhone and Android.


When it comes to what games Air Dice actually puts out, the majority of their products are oriented towards bingo, roulette and video slots. The company approach to video slots is unique, putting out only high-quality products with an emphasis on the originality of the theme and format. In fact, their video slots products are referred to by the company as money games.

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