3oak is the Canadian developer behind the creation of social gaming apps such as 3oak Casino, Sling Poker, Rock Paper Sushi, and Battle Keno.

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3oakGaming was established in Québec with the help of backing from a fellow Canadian software developer called Frima Studio. The management team behind 3oak set up the studio with the intention of developing casino games that can be implemented within either social or real-money gambling environments. 3oak also makes its gaming content available across multiple platforms to maximise accessibility.

3oak Casino

A wide range of different gaming categories is covered by 3oak. The principal app would have to be 3oak Casino, which allows for players to browse between roulette, blackjack, and various slot games. Leading slot titles include Riches of Anubis, Doubloon doubler, Gemstone Seeker, and Spies of Fortune.

Sling Poker

Sling is a poker app that attempts to generate greater excitement for the game by integrating special features. These include nine power-ups to complement jokers, re-deals, and multiplier cards. The aim is to get as high a score as possible during gameplay of 3oak’s Sling poker app.

More 3oak Games

Rock Paper Sushi is the most creative of the games, as it blends luck and strategy in challenging players to win in rock-paper-scissor battles before spinning a prize wheel. Battle Keno draws inspiration from Battleships and applies it to the Asian game of keno. The final key app is Luckity, a social bingo app.

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