36Gaming is a casino games software development company which specialises in digital games development...

36Gaming Casinos Software Provider - An Online Casino Games Platform: 36gaming software is used both for land-based casinos and for online casinos. The focus of the company is to develop entertaining, unique and rewarding online casino games. The company is based on Malta. In the beginning, it offered services for the land-based casino community through its 36Gaming Casinos system.

The 36Gaming software includes the latest techniques that can better serve the end user. The whole point of the company's efforts is to serve the end user. The needs and desires of the end user are the most important.

The 36Gaming online games have a great following of fans and avid players. People love their games and they play them over a long period of time. This is because they are so addictive.

The following are some of the most important 36Gaming casinos and 36Gaming online casinos games:

#1: Play for boys slots.

You can win $5,000 with this game and there are 10 paylines. You are being shown women in all kinds of postures. You will see four girls at once. Each girl will show you a part of her hot body. This slot game is not for everyone. It's just for people mature enough to handle it.

#2: Bachelor party slot machine.

The game was launched in 2010 along with other supplementary games. It's a normal slot game where you can win the jackpot at any point in time. You can use a multiplicator to multiply the amount you bet and the amount you can gain. The game can also play by itself. You only need to activate the auto-play option.

#3: 36Gaming European roulette.

European roulette is different from the American roulette. It features 36 pockets instead of 37. It's a fun game to play with huge prizes. The game can be found on the 36gaming platform which features dozens of other high quality games.

36Gaming offers the following products and services:

#1: The Games Portal.

36Gaming offers a high variety of games. They can be rebranded by your company and you can choose the payout levels. The games can easily be controlled by the qwerty keyboard and they are playable both on the Linux and Windows machines.

The interface of the games is simple and intuitive. Plus, the games can be played either for fun or for money. The games are server based which means that part of the data will be stored on the server's side. This is mandatory because the games deal with real money. Players can also chat between each other.

36Gaming offers table games like the European and French roulette, card games like blackjack and video poker and a high variety of slot games.

#2: The Casino Portal.

The casino portal is basically a gaming server that runs the 36Gaming platform. The server can be kept at home and it will control the gaming clients from all across the world. All the gaming transactions are monitored from a single location. The costs of running the server are quite low. This is why you can even run the system from your home.

It's a turnkey solution that can be branded as your own. You can accept payments in many different ways. And you will also have full control of the experience.

You will also get a White Label Facebook application that will give you another revenue stream. As a result, you will have the opportunity to grow your own Facebook community. The players from Facebook will be able to receive different virtual currency bonuses. On Facebook, you will have the opportunity to take your games viral.

#3: Back Office Portal.

It's a more advanced feature of the casino portal. This version is for land-based casino owners who want to have all the control they would ever want. The 36Gaming software that runs behind the system is based on Java and this means that it's multi-platforms. It works on every system that runs Java.

36Gaming is a great company that differentiates itself from the competition in many different ways. It has a great future ahead. Go right now and check out its games and its gaming platform.