The Bad News for US Residents

The several cities are banned from playing the online casinos games and people reacted angrily on this issue...

The US based residents were the furious and addictive players on online gambling casinos. But the act was passed by President Bush which swept off all the excitement of online casino players from US. They were really upset with this law which was passed in 2006. President passed the act against the unlawful Internet gambling and people of US can no more play the online casinos. It was banned for them.

Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement ACT, 2006 and debates related to it:

There was a great hike created all over the world due to the signing of this Act in US. It was sad news for the residents of US. They were not allowed to play any online gambling casino games. This was creating havoc in the other countries too and it was affecting the millions and billions money earning industry.

There were different arguments among people and they said that the law is made to save the money of people and keep it in US instead of transferring. The others said that it was the law for prohibiting the people to gamble but only for avoiding the transfer of actual funds. Several views were put up when this Act came into action.

This hugely affected the online gambling market because the major part of online gambling revenues came from the residents of US. This was a challenge for online gambling websites and they had to face severe losses because of the new policy.

The several cities are banned from playing the online casinos games and people reacted angrily on this issue. They wanted to play in their favorite casinos again where they do not need to travel to Las Vegas to try their luck. But now they can no more enjoy the games and the facility online. It was the end of their online addiction. They huge money stakes were all ruined for the people.

Spark of hope

Still there are a few online casinos which are allowing US citizens to play the online games. These casinos have the license and the authority to do so. The famous ones are las vegas online casino, vegas online casino and such others. They are not only allowing the US citizens to play the various games but also offer them the great bonuses and other discount offers. This is the only hope for addicted US citizens who want to gamble every day.