Digging Into Comp Points

Different casinos calculate comps differently. Usually, points are based on the games you play, the average amount you...

Comp points or complimentary points are bonuses given by casinos to its patrons. Rewards redeemed from comps include hotel accommodations, playing chips, meals, sport event or show tickets, watches, and even plane tickets for free. VIP programs and online comp, however, only offer free playing credits.

So, whether you are a high roller or not, you are entitled to comp points whenever you have spent and played enough.

Why do casinos have comps?
The only reason casinos give out comps is to keep you coming back and spending more money. However obvious as this may be, you need to take note that you probably will not be offered freebies if the house thinks you will not be coming back. One interesting fact is that 75%-85% of all comp points go to people who are not high rollers, but who are regular players.

How can I get rated?
If you play casino games online, you get rated automatically. If you do not, then you need to avail of a “comp” card from the casino before you can get rated. Once you have your card, remember to always use it whenever you play because this is the only way the casino will know that you are spending money. Inserting your card in slot machines will get you rated automatically, but getting comps on tables is a manual process. You need to hand your card or give your card details to the dealer prior to playing.

How are comps calculated?
Different casinos calculate comps differently. Usually, points are based on the games you play, the average amount you bet, and the time you play. For example, if you spent an hour on a table and spent around $300, you would roughly get 25%-35% of that in the form of points. If you play at a table for 15 minutes and betting $100, you will not be getting any points nor if you play for an hour and betting a total of $10 for the whole time. In the case of online casinos, most offer 1 point for every $10 spent, and $1 for every 100 points. So, this gives you a cash back rate of %0.01.

Are there ways to get more comps?
Basically, comps are rewarded to regular players. However, if you want to increase your chances of getting more points you can do the following:

Always remember to use your comp card.

Don’t forget your manners, especially when playing on tables. Because comps on tables are given manually, being nice will leave a good impression on the dealer, thus, increasing your chances of gaining more points.

Play at tables for at least an hour.

Charge extra casino or hotel services to your room.

Everybody loves to get freebies, and the idea itself is appealing enough to make people want to spend. So, keep in mind that comps are not exactly free; it does not make much sense to keep on spending just for the sake of getting more points. In other words, gambling for comps should not be done for the sake of making money.