Winning on the Weekends

May 29, 2014

Weekend races are great opportunities to walk away with more cash sooner.

Many don’t realize it, but weekends are some of the best time to play at casinos. Often, there are races that lead to extra cash and other promotions that lead to faster wins.

One of our weekend favourites is Slots Magic Casino, where there are races every weekend. There is a race for slots, and a race for non-slots games like Blackjack, Roulette and Video Poker. Each race has a €1500 prize pool to be enjoyed by the top 10 wagerers in each race. And on top of that, the player who places first in both races walks away with a juicy €6000 prize.


Let’s take a step back. In order to withdraw your winnings, you have to meet your wagering requirements. When you race, you need to bet more and you can do this by betting more frequently or (perhaps more intelligently) by making higher bets which lead to higher wins. When you play like this, you will meet your wagering requirements sooner. On top of whatever money you might win while playing, races also have an extra cash prize that can be withdrawn immediately, so when you participate in a race you open up more opportunities to walk away with more money sooner.

And it’s not a question of luck. By keeping an eye on the leaderboard, you can decide whether you stand a good chance at placing in the race, and how much more you should bet to beat the other players. You can also withdraw from the race when you feel that you’ve reached your limits. You don’t have to commit to the end of the race. And sure, there’s always going to be a high-roller or two, but most people simply don’t have that much cash lying around and are mid-rollers or just casual players. So while coming in first might take a bit more work, coming within the top 10 to walk away with some extra cash is actually easier than most people imagine.


On some days during the weekend races, you’ll also find matching deposit bonuses. For example, on this Sunday, every single deposit will be matched 100%. So if you take advantage of this bonus, you will also have some extra fuel to boost your race performance.


The race starts from 00:01 GMT on every Friday and ends at 23:59 on Sunday. Players need to register for the race at Slots Magic prior to racing – this is done just by entering your username onto the site, and players can start registering as early as 3 days prior to the race, and as late as during the race itself.

Remember you must be registered for the race in order for your bets to count. If you are feeling ambitious and plan to win both races to walk away with the $6000 grand prize, make sure you are registered in both races. It would be tragic if some of your bets didn’t get counted, so sign up now to prevent any accidents!