Win Prizes of up to $/£5,000 in the bet365 $/£1 Million Slots Giveaway

November 1, 2016

60,000 cash prizes are up for grabs across eight prize draws in the bet365 $/£1,000,000 giveaway.

The casino division of bet365 has a strong selection of video slots and includes a few carrying progressive jackpots. There is no shortage of fans and their number is expected to grow in the wake of the $/£1 million Slots Giveaway unveiling. Depending on their currency of choice, players can wager in British Sterling pounds and USD. If they win, they will be paid accordingly, so they are all treated fairly.

Eight Big Draws and 60,000 Cash Prizes

The guaranteed prize pool of this promotion is a massive £1 million. Under these circumstances, players can expect to collect a significant amount if they win one of the 60,000 cash prizes. For nearly one month, starting on October 31 and concluding on November 27, participants will have 8 distinct chances to win. It is possible for the same player to win several prizes including the maximum amount of $/£5000.

There are a total of eight draws and players receive one draw ticket whenever they wager $12/£10. Players can collect more tickets for the upcoming raffle by simply wagering more and there is no upper limit. The amount needs to be staked on the featured games to collect one ticket. Those who focus on Double Ticket Games will receive twice as many entries, when betting the same amount.

Bet365 allows players to wager on desktop computers or mobile devices when participating in this campaign, so no casino fan is left behind. 22,000 prizes were already awarded to lucky players, over the course of four draws and the best paying ones are yet to come.