Top 3 Online Casino Payment Methods

January 8, 2013


Finding a safe, fast and flexible method of making online casino deposits and withdrawals is understandably a high priority for casino players. That’s why quality internet casinos offer a wide range of online casino payment methods, which can be broken down into three main categories:You can make a manual bank transfer to the casino,your bank will know and will probebly charge a fee...

1. Credit Cards

Major credit card brands (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) are accepted at the cashier at most online casinos. This casino payment method offers speed, convenience and safety, given that credit card companies have security in place to prevent fraud and identity theft. For some casino players, credit cards are not the ideal option, because for privacy reasons they prefer not to have online casino payments show up on their credit card bills. Also, in certain countries, credit card payments to internet gambling sites might be blocked. Players who find themselves in this situation might want to check out the option of using an eWallet (more information below).

2. Bank Transfer

There are two ways of transferring money from your bank account to an online casino (your options will depend on the facilities your casino offers). Firstly, you can make a manual bank transfer to the casino, just as you would make any other bank transfer. A disadvantage of this method is that it can take a few days for the money to arrive in your casino account.

Your bank will also know that you’re making online casino deposits, and will probably charge a fee for the service. The second option is to use an intermediary transfer site (for example eCheck) which facilitates the payment from your bank account to the casino without giving the casino any of your personal information. Fees are charged that way too.

3. eWallet

Many casinos consider eWallets “preferred payment methods” and will even offer you a deposit match bonus for using one. Examples of trustworthy and secure eWallets, which are basically online funds transaction services, are Click2Pay and Neteller. An eWallet acts as a buffer between your bank account and the casino; you pay into the eWallet using a credit or debit card, or by bank transfer. That way the casino doesn’t see your details and your bank doesn’t see the casino payments.