Slots Magic Slots Cup 2014

July 2, 2014

Slots Magic is offering a special promotion in honor of this year's World Cup; in the Slots Cup 2014, players can win hundreds of free spins just by depositing or predicting winners of matches.

Slots Magic is bringing an added level of excitement to World Cup fever with their thrilling Slots Cup 2014, in which they are giving out free spins left and right. The Slots Magic Slots Cup consists of three parts: Predict and Win, Winning Streak and Half Time Winner, and players can win a bundle of free spins as they tackle each part.

Predict and Win 

Predict and Win is pretty straightforward; just predict the results of the day’s matches, check your potential winnings in the preview box and submit! If all of your predictions are correct, you win!

Winning Streak

If you have played Predict and Win three consecutive days in a row, and have won all those days, you can contact Slots Magic customer support, and they will double your winnings! This means that if you predict correctly for three days in a row and win 120 spins, you will win another 120 spins as your reward! If you predict correctly for six consecutive days in a row, you could win up to 3x your spins! For example, if you win 1500 spins over the course of six days, you will win another 4500 spins! 

Half Time Winner

If predicting winners isn't your thing, don’t sweat it. You can still win free spins just by depositing into your regular Slots Magic account. If you make two deposits a day, you win 10 free spins. If you make five deposits a day, you can win 120 free spins! The choice is yours.