Online Gambling Laws May Soon be Amended in Switzerland

July 23, 2013

Gambling is as popular as ever in Switzerland and the nation of around 8 million could be seeing a lot more online gambling options available in the near future.

The governement in Switzerland is considering making serious amendments that would lift the long time prohibition on internet poker. There are 19 land based casinos throughout the country and come the last quarter of 2013, there will be new regulations in place allowing for online gambling, especially online Poker.

This is great news for the country who stands outside the EU because the revenue from online gambling is at an all-time high and is not going to drop anytime soon. The proposed regulations will be made with the Swiss Police and the Dept. of Justice.

Why Now?

The Swiss government's stance on online gambling has long been that it would take away from the revenue from land based casinos, a thought that has been proved time and time again to be false among other countries in the world. There have also been illegal online operations in the country and with new regulations in place would be put to an end.

In a statement regarding the issue the Federal Gaming Board stated, “virtual gambling should be liberalized, and apart from such liberalization, illegal operation of these games should be more effectively curtailed through further measures.”