Online Gambling Imporve Memory Skills

January 23, 2013

Online games are enjoyed by everybody, but generally, it is believed that young people are more prone to gambling than the older.

However, the empirical research has shown that playing online games and poker can greatly benefit senior citizens with memory issues. The Rush University Medical Center in Chicago USA confirmed it through their study that playing online games is indeed good for your mind. The games improve the mathematical skills, reaction time and the memory of the player.

The complication of the game improves the memory functionality, and the good effects last longer the game is played. Some other criticizes that game involvement distracts people from attending important works. However, the medical evidence proves it that playing a poker as a hobby benefits by improving mental skills just like attending a new sport or playing musical instruments.

The mental exercises are very good for the brain, and it works just like training is good for a person participating in the marathon. Playing online blackjack can be complicated mental workout to stimulate your brain and thus improve your long-term and short term memories. The research has proven that by playing games you are doing instant reasoning, mental arithmetic, calculations, recalling events or incidents and a lot of other mental activity that strengthens the neurological functioning of the brain. The hundreds of billions of neurons connect each other in tens of thousands combinations to provide the complete functionality of the brain. For instance, the memories of an orange are located across the different locations of the brain connected with neurons, the color in one location, smell in another and test in yet another area.

The online games provide mental exercises that connect the neurons from different location. The online games can greatly improve the forgetfulness experienced in the senior citizens. The games provide lucrative the mental exercises in a more fun way to remember which cards have been dealt or folded and what cards the opponent might be possessing and thus greatly help to keep a good memory.