Omni Casino Slots Extravaganza

April 11, 2013

Here’s short sneak peak about the wide range of exciting slot games provided at Omni Casino.

Classic Slots Machines

Selection of The Classic Slots usually has 3 reel slot machines where you have the freedom to decide from single payline games to 5 line machines, in which some can benefit players to play up to 5 coins at once. The 3 reel slots games are frequently judged or players have gained an impression that it gives less cash prizes and can’t harvest that much results, but that case doesn’t happen at all.

A slot game called “Alchemist’s Lab” is one of the top choices which have 3 reels, a single-coin slot and capacity of 3 coins in a spin. Aside from being an original and well-designed game, it has a special Bonus round. On the other hand, if you can win 3 Gold coin turns at Max Beta, as enormous as 10,000 x coins is on your way!

Moving on other casino slots that are not expected, but hides huge jackpot treasures like the Reel Classic 3 with a single payline machine of 5000x grand price, and the fascinating Sultan’s Fortune of a single payline with 10,000x coins jackpot. Safecracker and Magic Slots should not be forgotten, and worth mentioning here as they have both single reel slots securing a minimum of 4 progressive jackpots each!

Video Slot Games

This is the place where you can see the top slots machines among their family that may give huge cash prizes and bulk of enjoyment too. With unique 9-reel slots besides standard 5-reel video slots consisting 15 lines, these multi-spin slots are progressive slots and top brand name slot games include the most recent Marvel Slots and MGM slots collections.

For further innovation and latest update in online slots, you may see here how Omni Casino derives peculiar games by its new arrivals. With an incredible 243-payline show-off, the Archer slots game features special Expand and Split concept that can produce great payouts. This game is aligned with different themed video slots that give much probability to grab enormous cash wins with 10,000x and increasing coin slots, progressive jackpots, bonus games, multiple free spins and a lot more additional game boosters. The Dollar ball option, which is special to the Playtech software and an alternative side-game same to Lotto, but another possible progressive jackpot, can be win are also offered by many online slots games.

Marvel Slots

The Marvel Slot collection now has a total population of eight in number, which includes Daredevil, Blade, Elektra, Fantastic Four, Punisher War Zone, Iron Man, X-Men, and the Incredible Hulk. Unluckily, there is no space to elaborate those, but they are defined to be thrilling games with superheroes showcasing their skills and powers with special game features and amazing Bonus games that create awesome entertainment and rich rewards. Marvel Multi-Level Mystery Progressive jackpot with more than $752,000, an amount that can modify anyone’s life, is the last step where all Marvel Slots are connected.

MGM Slots

The latest out version of MGM slots games now with just two totals in number, but both suddenly boost to the top of the line-up and became famous among slot players. The Pink Panther consists of 40 paylines and several bonus games besides a meant to be progressive jackpot whereas the Rocky slots game gives Sly Stallone who boxing against opponents in video clips in the exceptional Knockout Bonus round. These MGM slots both supply leading entertainment with the great probability of winning lots of cash.

Progressive Slots

There are a total of 24 progressive slots jackpots without the number of MGM or Marvel Slots the Omni Casino offers. Some of the progressive jackpots give really huge cash. The highest prize of $450,000 jackpot is in the watch of Beach Life slots. Ultimate jackpots are offered by 9 reels Gold Rally at $260,000, and 3 reel Magic Slots and Safecracker at $161,000 and at below $80,000 respectively.

About Omni Casino:

Using the amazing Playtech software accessible both in Instant Play and comes along with a downloadable version, players can now enjoy their amazing slot games and can place 100% Welcome Bonus into work right away with their preferred and fabulous machine. It’s great that you can play at Omni Casino without dropping money.