Not Just Pulling a Lever: Valuable Slot Lessons Can Go a Long Way

November 30, 2017

Simplicity and big payouts make slots the most popular online casino games and with slot lessons, they can also be profitable.

Slots are by far the most popular of all online casino games and they are an integrate part of all major operators. Leading software developers have created all sorts of slots, inspired by the classics as well as new ones, with original themes. What makes them so popular among players is the fact that no previous experience is needed to enjoy them on virtual and real cash.

Make Gaming Fun with Slots Lessons

Understanding slots is the easiest thing to do when it comes to online casinos and the games they offer. There are essentially two major categories of slots, with three and five reels and also a few exceptions inspired by the two types. Classic three reel slots are similar to those available in land-based casinos and gaming parlors, many sporting fruity themes that appeal to old-school players. Modern games usually have five reels and they are sought after by players who seek slots with more winning combinations.

The more reels, the more numerous the ways to win, so with just a small investment players can have a lot of fun. Most of the best paying progressive jackpot games are 5-reel slots and their prizes are pooled across a large network of casinos. As a result the jackpots go up much faster and are more likely to set records than locally won jackpots. This comes at the price of more intense competitions, as players from several casinos chase the same elusive life-changing jackpots.

Enter a World of Wild, Scatter and Bonus Symbols

Spending a little time trying to learn a thing or two about the games with slots lessons will shed light on special symbols. Wild ones substitute other symbols and multiply winnings, Scatters trigger the release of free spins, while Bonus symbols activate special, well-paying and interactive bonus rounds. They bless the reels of both 3-reel and 5-reel slots and are a common sight at regular and progressive jackpot slots.

Learning the essential slots lessons will pay out in the long run and there are many resources on the Internet that give such information. Casino School and Slot Advisor are two worthy examples, with the latter teaching slots lessons for over two decades. Slot Advisor was created by Tony Frank, a pioneer in the industry who has recently passed away, not before leaving a very important online legacy for slots players.